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Will grew up riding in Virginia.  Upon finishing high-school he set his sights on achieving his dream and turned pro. At 21 Will moved to Europe to continue to hone his skills by training and working with some of the best athletes available. During his time in Europe Will worked with Irish Olympian Niall Talbot as well as numerous breeders and sales barns in Germany.  After returning to the United States Will immediately joined on with one of the biggest sale barns on the west coast. Will currently is the head rider at Kirin Farm in Kansas City Kansas. You will find Will traveling and competing both in both the hunter and jumper rings, where he focuses his talents on Derbies and Grand Prix’s. With five top ten finishes in 2016, and a already a reserve championship in 2017, Will is definitely a rising star.

Jamie Barge

Jamie grew up riding on the East Coast in Equitation and Junior Hunters with Val Renihan. She attended college at UGA as a member of the Equestrian Team, transferring and graduating from Pepperdine University, where she began riding Jumpers. She had some early training in the Jumpers with Karen Healey and Buddy Brown. Her main coach has been Gaby Salick. She won my first few Grand Prixs at Showpark in Del Mar, CA in 2015. This past summer she spent training in Europe. She won the Hermes Sellier Trophy at Longines LA Masters. Highlights of her career include competing for Team USA at Nation’s Cup in Slovakia 2016 and at World Cup Finals 2017 in Omaha. She wishes to thank all the trainers, competitors, sponsors, grooms and fellow horse lovers who have helped her and her teammates.

Teammates: Luebbo, Lasse

Jessica Budinger

Jess Budinger has been competing since she was eight years old. She has competed in all three rings, from the equitation and the hunters to the jumpers. Jess attended the University of Illinois, where she was a member of the equestrian team. Upon graduating from college, she continued as a young professional in the Illinois area. She has continued to work in multiple areas of the business, and takes every opportunity to learn more about what it takes to succeed in this sport.

Erika Conklin

Erika grew up in Pennsylvania and has been riding horses since she was a little girl. Erika graduated from the University of South Carolina where she rode on their NCAA equestrian team. Erika also has a strong background in ballet. This classical dance training paired with riding hunters has proven very successful in the show ring as well as training at home. 

Erika specializes in riding and training thoroughbreds along with other sensitive horses. Her training program looks at the whole horse and is customized to fit their individual needs. Erika also loves teaching! She is just as enthusiastic to work with a beginner as an experienced rider.

Brooke Cudmore

Brooke Cudmore was born and raised in Omaha, NE. She has been riding along side her mother Karen Cudmore, a top Canadian rider, her whole life. Together they run Heartland Farm in Omaha. At Heartland Farm they sell, train, and breed horses. You will see Brooke showing at all levels. From a young horse at its first show, all the way up to the Grand Prix’s. She competed in young riders in 2011 and has multiple Grand Prix wins under her belt.

Anna Dulin

Anna Dulin is not only our founder but also a very accomplished athlete. Anna has been collecting victories on the midwest circuit for many years.  After rising through the ranks of child adult jumpers, she in now taking on the amateur owner division with three exciting and young new teammates.

Teammates: Storm Trooper, Rot Zauber

Wynnston Filipowski

Wynnston is our youngest Ambassador ever, at 3 years old. He started riding at the ripe old age of 8 months old in his first lead-in class. Since then you can’t keep him away from the barn. Look for Wynnston to start riding in the short stirrup next year with his new teammate “Sophie”.

Emma Green

Emma began riding as soon as someone would let her come for lessons at 6. She has participated in Pony Club, 4H, EAP and anything else that has to do with horses. Currently in her first amateur year, she is competing in AO Hunters with her trusted mount, Hennessy. Emma and Hennessy finished their junior years in the top 10 in the country for Horse of the Year Older Large Junior Hunters, Zone 5 HOTY Champion, Champion Silver Stirrup Registry Older Large Junior Hunters, IHJA High Point Hunter and Champion Junior Hunter for three years, and Reserve Champion Chicago Hunter Derby Welcome Stake. She also competes in jumpers with Chacco, a seven year old who is just getting started.

To learn more about this rising star visit her blog.

Shannon Hicks

Shannon Hicks, based out of St. Louis, MO, is an extremely talented and established rider and trainer. She competes in both the hunters and the jumpers, while bringing students up through the ranks in all three rings. In 2016, she coached her kids to qualify for and compete at Devon, Junior Hunter Finals/Hunterdon Cup, Harrisburg, Washington, and the National horseshow. She won over $75k in Grand Prix money in addition to finishing in the top 100 in the Rolex rider rankings. As for 2017, she has already won over $60k in prize money, with multiple Grand Prix wins and circuit championships. Not only has she won classes, but she also received the Sportsmanship Award at the Gulfcoast Winter Classic. Shannon has already made her mark, and continues to rise as someone to always be watching.

Sydney Luzicka

Sydney started showing when she was 3 years old due to her mom being a trainer. She has now taken over the rides on the clients horses and competes in the Junior Jumpers and Grand Prixs on her own horses, St John 10:9 and  Willow Catkin. Sydney is currently a senior at Connections Academy and is aiming towards competing in the NAJYRC with St John and the  NAYRC with Willow Catkin along with many other Grand Prixs during her last junior year in 2018.

Hanley Morrison

Hanley Morrison is originally from Madison, MS. Her passion for horses started at the young age of five when she would wait by the mail box for her neighbor to do her daily walk around the neighborhood on her horse. Since then she has turned professional with experience in both the hunter and jumper rings. from ribbons at Capital Challenge, Devon and the National horse show to many Grand Prix placings and welcome wins. She strives everyday to get better as she feels everyone has room to improve.

Teammate: Luigi

Alexis Ortiz

Alexis, based in Illinois, is a young equestrian who rides with Kinvarra Farm as a working student. Since she began riding at the age of six, she has risen up the ranks riding ponies for many years and progressing onto her first horse, Little Paul, with whom she qualified for Maclay Finals and USEF Medal Finals their first year as a team. Alexis competes in the Big Equitation and International Derbies with her own horse, and catch rides horses whenever she has the opportunity. Alexis attends online school so she can spend more time riding and competing, while also having her sights set on joining an NCEA Equestrian team in college. 

Helen Pollock

Helen started riding at the young age of 3. She grew up in Calgary, Alberta–Canada riding Hunters and Pony Jumpers, with her favorite show venue being Spruce Meadows. Now living in Los Angeles, Helen has jumped back into the equestrian world and is loving every moment with her Hanoverian; Fabia. Helen has an eye for design, a passion for the sport, and has created a name for herself by pulling together her favorite looks based on quality, style and functionality. Get acquainted with the Southern California Equestrian Lifestyle; by visiting her blog Life Equestrian.

Hailey Royce

Hailey Royce is a young rider embarking on an equestrian adventure that is sure to engage folks around the world. At the very young age of 3, she sat upon her first pony and it was an instant love affair. Since then, she has ridden each week to gain the necessary experience on dozens of different ponies and horses. Hailey is now competing on the show jumping circuit. Follow Hailey along her journey via facebook and watch her blossom.

Teammate: Quite Quintessential

Melina Schwaab

Melina grew up showjumping in Germany on her family farm, and competed in her first Grand Prix at the age of 14. Her passion and skills led her to compete on an international level for both Switzerland and Austria under the tutelage of two time Olympian Pius Schwizer, and 3 time European champion, Paul Schockemöhle respectively. Her international career has taken her both as a trainer and a competitor around the globe from Qatar to China. She has racked up wins and team rankings wherever her career takes her. Currently she has returned to her roots and competes on the international circuits representing her home country of Germany throughout North America. To learn more about this up and coming star visit her website.

James Sheehy

James was born in Texas, the son of a military family. He was fortunate to have lived in Europe, the UK, and the United states.  While living in the UK, he started riding horses, thus beginning a lifelong passion.  He learned very fast that riding was just one aspect of good horsemanship. After high school he decided to go to college to become a certified vet tech.  He worked five years in multiple equine vet clinics. Not only did he work on horses, he had the opportunity to help donkeys, zebras, rhinos, and giraffes.  After five years as a vet tech, he decided it was time to truly chase his show jumping dream. James was hired on by a show barn to initially work with the breeding program. He now enjoys his job traveling with a top FEI rider. As someone who started from the ground up, James is eager to learn about all aspects of horsemanship and riding. Working on the FEI circuit has presented him with many opportunities to learn from top professionals in the industry. He appreciates their openness and willingness to share their vast knowledge. When he is not working on the FEI circuit or working at the barn, James enjoys taking his young mare to shows. He’s just a guy pursuing the equestrian dream.

Ariana Zuccolotto

Ariana Zuccolotto is no stranger to the show ring, having sat on her first horse at the young age of three years old. Ariana has always had a love for riding and is quite the horse enthusiast, having a special talent and love for working with the stubborn horse. Starting her career in pony hunters, Ariana has accomplished many wins in both the hunter and equitation ring. Finding her calling in the jumper ring in her early teens, Ariana has put multiple championships under her belt in the Modified Jr/AO, the 1.30m, Low Jr/AO and Medium Jr/AO. Now twenty-one, this amateur rider travels throughout California, Florida and Virginia frequently seen shaving extreme time off of any jump off.

Teammates: San Valentino, Cinella

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