Jamie Barge – Millions and France

By: Kristen Franz

Jamie Barge, the next up and coming rider for the US team, is off to Paris for the World Cup Finals on her 13 year old Oldenburg gelding, Luebbo. This dynamic duo ranked highly in several qualifying classes earlier this year, including a sixth place finish at HITS Thermal and an eighth place finish at the Live Oak International. Barge exclaimed that she feels honored to ride on the US team for the World Cup alongside a few of the very best riders in the sport. Two years prior, Jamie Barge competed in the 2016 World Cup in Slovakia and is thrilled to have another opportunity to ride for her country this year. Although this feat is well respected and highly sought after, the major highlight’s of Barge’s season do not end at the World Cup. 

Two weeks ago, Barge competed in the HITS Coachella AIG $1 million Grand Prix. Out of a large field of experienced riders and skilled horses, only five rode through the first round fault-free, Barge being one of those. She explained that her horse, Luebbo, jumped a fantastic round in the Smartpak Grand Prix that Thursday and she decided against jumping him in another class before the big event. “I was a little nervous about not showing two days before the Million” Barge said, “but I knew I shouldn’t over jump and trust him. It worked out really well!” She and Luebbo sped around Alan Wade’s jump off course effortlessly and at the end of the day, took home the fourth place honors. 

Jamie Barge began her journey as an equestrian when she was nine years old after begging her parents for riding lessons. Twenty years later, Barge could never have dreamt of being among the top riders in the industry. She loves every minute spent with her horses cannot wait to see what the future holds with them by her side. Despite her hearing impairment, she has made the most of showjumping and plans to continue to add high rankings to her résumé as she takes on the world in two weeks at the World Cup Finals in Paris!

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