Note: Logos should only be shown in the EQUO Wine brand color. If it is not possible to use color, then only use either 100% black when printing or 100% white on a field. Tints should not be used if at all possible.

Primary logo

Used for most display and advertising. This includes OOH and collateral.

Our primary logo is a registered trademark. Unless prior approval has been given the ® symbol must always be presented.

“Q” logo

Used when a fast or bold read is required.

The “Q” logo is a registered trademark. Unless prior approval has been given the ® symbol must always be presented.

EQUO U (crest)

The EQUO U crest is the preferred logo for the EQUO U program.

EQUO U (wide)

Should only be used in instances where the EQUO U – crest would be to small for print.

The EQUO Fund

This is the preferred logo for The EQUO Fund

The EQUO Fund (secondary)

This is the secondary logo for The EQUO Fund. This logo should only be used for quick hit scenarios, profiles, and other marketing instances.


This is the preferred logo for EQUO’s BARN.LIFE program

EQUO logo usage with other brands

Here are some of the guidelines for using the EQUO logo with other logos.

Preferred, landscape

The EQUO logo should be equal in height to other horizontal logos.

Preferred, portrait

The EQUO logo should be scaled to 60% height of portrait logo. It should be aligned with the baseline of the paired logo, not sub copy.

Alt, portrait

The EQUO “Q” logo should be equal in height to other portrait logos.

Copy guidelines

Copy guidelines

These guidelines are for website content, campaigns, collateral, printed materials and other communications intended for a general audience


uppercase with no periods, unless they are specifically part of a brand name or the result spells out a different word.


This is a tricky one. For the most part all human beings are to be referred to as “Athletes”. However our “teammates” (see “horse”) can sometimes be referred to as “athletes” as well. Rule of thumb, try to keep “athlete” for use when the thing you are referring to only has two legs. If the thing has four legs make sure you are very clear that you are referring to a “teammate”.


The only acceptable term when two or more athletes and their teammates come together and compete.


do not use: we refer to “athletes” or “people”


EQUO® is a registered wordmark of EQUO US, LLC. It is also our preferred common name. When referencing EQUO for the first time we request that the trademark symbol be used to acknowledge our trademark rights. Subsequent copy can omit the trademark symbol. Additionally EQUO should always appear in ALL CAPS, there are no exceptions to this rule.


See EQUO®.


EQUO US, LLC is our official company name. However it should only be used sparingly, in cases of legal documents, or press releases. When using it should only be used once (unless absolutely necessary) and then all other references to EQUO should use our preferred common name. Additionally it should always be in all caps when used, with no periods, and one comma.

Headlines (h1, h2, etc)

all headlines, page titles and calls to action should either be “Sentence case” or “ALL CAPS”. Only proper nouns (names of people, places, etc.) or when requested by our partners brand identity guidelines should exceptions be made


do not use: we refer to them as “athletes”, “teammates”, or “partners”

Horse show

This is our biggest pet peeve. It should never be used ever. Athletes work and train far to hard to be reduced to “Showing”. Athletes and there teammates compete at Competitions


Should never be used. It portrays that athletes are along for the ride, and really don’t do anything. As any athlete in our sport can attest to this is far from the truth.


do not use: see Horse Show


Only to be used when a retail partner predominantly serves the general public. If the retail partner serves the equestrian market, see: “Tack Shop”

Tack shop

Exclusively used when a retail partner predominantly serves the equestrian market.


The preferred method of referencing our four legged partners.

Trunk show

The proper term to use when EQUO is going to have a retail presence at a show ground, equestrian center, or other event. Additionally should be used when referencing a pop-up location for our retail partners.


all uppercase, no periods, but URLs themselves (equo-us.com, etc.) are lowercase


avoid using (like the plague!) before URLs; it is not 1999 anymore

Official Colors


EQUO Wine is the primary brand color. It reflects the upscale nature of the EQUO line. This color will appear in some form in all marketing materials. Tinted it evokes various glasses of wine.













Tier one colors

The remaining tier one colors are for use in advertising, marketing and social campaigns as needed.


RGB: 102, 48, 56
Pantone: 1817 C
CMYK: 41,81,62,44
HEX: #663038


RGB: 124, 63, 41
Pantone: 478 C
CMYK: 33,76,89,35
HEX: #7c3f29

EQUO Olive

RGB: 70, 70, 35
Pantone: 5743 C
CMYK: 62,52,95,49
HEX: #474622

EQUO Putty

RGB: 181, 167, 139
Pantone: 452 C
CMYK: 31,30,49,02
HEX: #b6a78b

Contrast partners

Each tier one color is paired with a contrast partner. These are to only be used with a tier one color is standing alone and are not meant to mixed with any other colors in the palette.

Pairs with EQUO Wine

RGB: 135, 153, 117
Pantone: 5773 C
CMYK: 50,27,62,04
HEX: #879876

EQUO Marine
Pairs with EQUO Rust

RGB: 36, 137, 133
Pantone: 7473 C
CMYK: 83,27,49,05
HEX: #2a8985

EQUO Wheat
Pairs with EQUO Olive

RGB: 158, 127, 45
Pantone: 7557 C
CMYK: 36,43,100,11
HEX: #9e7f2d

EQUO Robin
Pairs with EQUO Putty

RGB: 139, 177, 193
Pantone: 550 C
CMYK: 47,19,18,00
HEX: #8bb1c1

Downloadable Assets

Color pallete

The EQUO color pallet in Adobe formats.

Logo pack

Our logos in vector, and hi-res PNG formats.

Icon pack

Our technology iconsin vector, and hi-res PNG formats.

Product pack

Coming soon download approved hi-res images of our products


Coming soon download our latest catalogue in PDF format.


Coming soon download our latest catalogue in EPUB format.